Welcome to Boxes With Attitude


Our lives are full of moments that are worth celebrating. Weddings, births, baby showers, Bar Mitzvahs, Quinceraneras, graduations, anniversaries, and reunions are all land marks in life that we choose to share with family and friends.

We spend great time and care inviting our loved ones to celebrate with us. The invitations that we send are extensions of ourselves and our celebratory event.

Boxes with Attitude takes those invitations and creates unique, special gifts that are a reflection of the invitation itself.

Our shadowboxes are all hand painted, custom designed and they extend the themes of the invitation into a new creation: a gift that you can give that is unlike any other. Each box mounts the original invitation inside a custom painted frame and unique background.

Boxes with Attitude values your memories and your ability to give a one of a kind gift. We only create one shadowbox per occasion to guarantee that your gift is the only one that your loved ones will receive.